Thursday, May 14, 2009

EVERY GREEN IN MAY: Yellows and Blues 1 + 2

You get two for one today since I've gotten behind...
Top Mix: Hansa Yellow Light (Aylide Yellow 10G, PY 3) and French Ultramarine (PB 29)

The Hansa Yellow Light is a Very Good Lightfast, Low Staining, Non-Granulating, Semi-Transparent single pigment.
It has a tangy, lemony, zesty color to it.

The French Ultramarine Blue is an Excellent Lightfast, Medium Staining, Granulating, Semi-Transparent single pigment.
I like the color of the FUB, a muted, darker blue than cobalt, and I like the granulation of it.

Bottom Mix:

New Gamboge (Nickel Dioxizine Yellow, PY 153) and Cobalt Blue (PB 28)

The New Gamboge is an Excellent Lightfast, Low Staining, Non-Granulating, Transparent single pigment color.

The Cobalt Blue is an Excellent Lightfast, Low Staining, Granulating, Semi-Transparent single pigment color.

You get a nice, warm green with this mix and some good granulation. Cobalt Blue is a color I wouldn't do without because it is great for glazing over colors to push them back a bit in any painting. I know Tom Lynch sprays Cobalt Blue on the edges of his paintings to push them back and make them less important.

The smaller swatches at the bottom are where I switched the mixes: I mixed the Hansa Yellow Light with the Cobalt Blue and mixed the New Gamboge with the FUB. I can think of some spring paintings that have the HYL and CB mix in them = bright and clean colors that make a good, clean, bright green.

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