Monday, May 4, 2009

Every Green in May: Permanent Green Light + Terre Verte

1. Permanent Green Light (made by Daniel Smith)
A mix of Arylide Yellow (PY 3) and Phthalo Green (PG7), this is a Very Good Lightfast, Low Staining, Non Granulating, Semi-Transparent pigment mix.

It is as strong and bright as the green cellophane strips in the bottom of a child's Easter basket so be careful with this one, if you use it at all. With a good mix of pigment to water you can have a bright, light, very pretty green - but I would guess there are not many instances where you want to use this one straight from the tube. (Another reason why I had this one in my discard pile and never use it).

2. Terre Verte (DS)

A mix of Viridian (PG 18) and Raw Umber (PBr 7). DS lists this one as an Excellent Lightfast, Non-Staining, Granulating, Transparent pigment mix.

I found it so grainy that it was unpleasant to put brush to paper with pigment on it! It definitely granulates and makes a nice, dark, woodsy look - but you have to get past the "feel" of it. You may be better of just mixing your own Viridian and Raw Umber instead. This is another green I never use and was in my discard pile.

In the third row, I've mixed the two together in the middle. And in the last photo, I've played with all 4 greens we've introduced so far (Sap Green, Phthalo Turquoise, Permanent Green Light and Terre Verte).


debwardart said...

You are getting a bit technical for me (!!) but I like what you are doing - figuring out the colors you really like and how they work vs. those that you now think may have been a mistake. And you are learning as you "play". Good work!!
Now I've gotta get busy laying paint to paper, too!
(p.s. How much will I owe you for that Starbucks early Wed. morning??)

RHCarpenter said...

I have an aversion to green, Deb, and that makes it even harder to learn how to work with them and make them look right in landscapes, etc.
Do you want me to bring you a Starbucks? Or do you mean you are paying for my Starbucks?!? Now that would be a treat - but either way works for me - just let me know your preference :)

laura said...

I hadn't realized terre verte was a mix of viridian and raw umber; I bought a tube once, but the color was very dull and unpleasant--the DS version is much nicer.

Lost in wonder said...

Well, what can I say, your DS terre verte is much more beautiful that WN one, though not one of my favourites anyway, what combination is in the bottom left of your swatch with the 4 colors Rhon?

RHCarpenter said...

Laura and Teresa, the WN must really be ugly! ha ha I'm not crazy about the DS so probably wouldn't use it for anything. I am doing just tube greens now - will mix some after I run through all these tubes I seem to have!
Teresa, the mix is the Phthalo Turquoise over the Permanent Green Light - I think that's what I put on the lower left side of the 4 colors at the bottom.

Angela said...

It's the viridian that makes it feel so icky - like sandpaper. I love Viridian but have a hard time using it just because of that 'feeling' to it - something about it makes my teeth hurt! (and no, I'm not trying to eat it!)