Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Every Green in May: Green Gold + Ultramarine Turquoise

1. Green Gold (Daniel Smith brand)
A mix of Nickel Azo Yellow (PY 150), Arylide Yeloow (PY 3), and Phthalo Green (PG 36).

A Very Good Lightfast, Medium Staining, Non-Granulating, Transparent pigment mix.

This color makes me think of summer - bright, acidy green that can be thinned to just a hint of yellow-green. Full strength, it's not a pretty color - also makes me think of algae on a pond...

I am beginning to think all tube greens are mixes - so why buy tube greens? Why not just mix some lovely greens from your blues and yellows and oranges get the idea.

2. Ultramarine Turquoise (Daniel Smith)
A mix of Ultramarine Blue (PB 29) and Phthalo Green (PG 7)
An Excellent Lightfast, Low Staining, Granulating, Semi-Transparent pigment mix.
First, this is Sandy Maudlin's favorite color (or used to be her favorite before she went to Italy and started painting in warmer hues). And it is a pretty handy green to have around that mixes up with reds and quin burnt orange to get a good, rich dark. And it's pretty as is, too, as long as you don't go overboard with it.
The last row is a mixing of the two in the middle - looks like Ireland :)
I think I'll keep both of these tube paints to use alone and with others. They aren't too overpowering and seem to "like" each other. So far, I've discovered Sap Green, Green Gold and Ultramarine Turquoise as tube greens I'll keep - the others will just have to go in the discard pile.
What about you? Have you found any you like? Want to try? Realize you could have mixed on your own with what you have?

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Angela said...

I always mean to make a chart of different greens - but whenever I'm painting something requiring a lot of greens, what I end up doing is getting out all of my yellows, blues and greens and adding a dab here of this, a dab there of that and letting it all mix on the paper. The big downside of course is that when I'm done and see colors I love, I rarely have any idea where they came from.

Thanks for sharing this! I just love when people share good mixes!