Saturday, May 2, 2009

Began the Flamingos

Started the flamingos...first, chose 2 photos to work from...then traced over things, arranging as I go. Then had to enlarge the sketch on the copier and cut and paste and redraw over things (again, arranging a bit more) with black marker. Then traced over that on my tracing paper and turned that over and colored the back with watercolor pencils (if you trace onto your watercolor paper with watercolor pencil lines, the lines will melt away and not leave hard or strong graphite lines).

I have finally gotten the drawing - in watercolor pencil colors - on the Fabriano Artistico paper (1/2 sheet). So I should be ready to go...

I know you can't see this very well - but you'll get the idea, I think.
Now that blogger stopped acting so finicky and allowed me to upload these, it's time to go watch some of the prelims for the Kentucky Derby. There is a horse running called chocolate something - I am definitely betting on that one! ha ha


laura said...

Oh Rhonda--this is going to be great. You really have an eye for subjects! The photos are just great--did you take them? The way the light hits the birds' backs will look great in watercolor!

debwardart said...

Will be watching this one for my inspiration! Thanks for the photos.
Since I haven't been on blog a couple days either - I like "blue dress"! And also liked the kinds words you expressed to your blog friends!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Great start - wonderful tip for tracing off sketch onto watercolour paper. I did a rough watercolour sketch of flamingoes when I was in South Africa and keep meaning to work it up into a full painting. Now you've got me itching to tackle it. Good luck with yours and like the tight group composition of the figures.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Laura. Yes, these photos are mine - you could stand at a waist-high fence and look over right at the birds at the edge of the water! You couldn't have gotten closer so it was a great photo op.
Deb, you're welcome for the photos - I do want to see a painting from you before the end of the year! ha ha I think without the input from other artists and friends, blogging would be pretty boring :)
Joan, I learned that tip in a demo given to our watercolor society last month from Judy Anderson - a good tip to share as I always have used graphite paper and then have to lift the graphite because I press down too hard and make the lines too dark. With wc pencil it's light and it's wc, too! I hope you do get out those flamingos and tackle them - maybe we should have a Flamingos in May month challenge?! ha ha