Monday, May 25, 2009


Before: a mustard yellow that was chalky and tired
and a brownish stain on the front and around the door/window

After: Coconut Scent (a pale yellowish cream color) over mustard and shutters
and Chocolate Cherry covering the brown front and around window/door.

If it needs another coat of the Chocolate Cherry, it probably is going to wait because we have 3 days of rain predicted (raining slightly now) and Jerry and I could use a week off.
It looks awfully bright and reddish but the color does match exactly some of the reddish bricks in the house so I'm not worried too much about that...yet.
We would have finished this yesterday but had a group birthday/Mother's Day party to attend. I made cards for all the birthday girls (4 of them).

A couple (showing just the fronts) that are mostly collage using bird stamps for the birders...

...and a couple of painted ones for the younger ladies.

They are simple but they seem to go over very well with anyone who gets one - which is nice!

And I got my first Mother's Day present - ever - from Jenny. She gave one to each mother at the party and I was included even though I'm not a mom, but a step-mom. Each mother got a decorated planter stake that had a different saying on it. Pretty, eh?

Okay, now time to veg out in front of the TV or read a book or take a nap or...anything but pick up a paint brush for a day or so...


Vicki Greene said...

What a facelift! You guys have done a great job. Congratulations on you Mother's Day gift. Having 4 step children I know that it feels nice when you are included.

debwardart said...

Like the color - perks it up! And a step-mom IS a mom, only with a harder job!!!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Vicki and Deb. I think this housepainting stuff can wait another 15 years before I worry about it - and I won't be doing it again. But it does look better and not so ragged now...
Yeah, stepmom's have some extra stress not fitting in - not being accepted, etc. But I think that's more common when the stepkids are younger and are more influenced by their bio mom to dislike/distrust you.