Friday, November 7, 2008


In an online group we have a challenge to paint using lots of texture - and getting that texture in lots of ways. Put the textured paint down, fiddle, play, create - then see what it says it wants to be. Well, that's the hard part.

What do you see here?

And what about in this one?

I think my problem is not creating texture - I can do that. It's seeing what should be there after the texture is made.

So knowing that, I went ahead and will paint using texture on the blue-tailed skink I started. Here he is so far. I used China Markers in white to put down a resist for the grates, then painted with a mixture of colors for the black. Then covered the skink with masking fluid so I could go in and be loose with the textured background. That, I started by putting down texture medium (even more good stuff) and then playing with color, putting it down, splattering with water and with more paint to get more texture). Fun. Next I'll paint in the skink.

Oh, and I haven't given up on BellaDonna - she's in the drying stage and I'll share her (good or bad) with you later.


Teresa said...

In the first one I see faces overlapping Rhon a front one and a profile, I clearly see and eye there almost in the middle and a big nose in the corner and the watm colors and blues works for a surreal image like that.

In the second one my mind flows to fantasy and I can imagine a slope with a tree surrounded by some sort of energy.

Don't blame me, you asked... :)

RHCarpenter said...

I saw a face or two in that one, also, Teresa. But no one will see the one I worked on - it is horrid! I'm not a "paint what the painting shows you" type of gal.
In the second I see trees or maybe a big purple elephant?!?
Thanks for letting me know what your imagination conjured.

Teresa said...

Oh I see the elephant too!!! good one, it would have worked pretty well...

Oh well, sometimes i's impossible to get the result you want or need, don't worry about it Rhonda, just keep on painting :)

RHCarpenter said...

I am coming along with the little blue-tailed skink, Teresa, although I haven't started on that purple elephant!