Friday, November 28, 2008

Marks, Stage 3 + Downward Glance

I'm almost finished, I think, with MARKS. Will let it sit a day or so and look at it again later.

I have a lot more to do on DOWNWARD GLANCE, especially in drybrush. I got carried away and blended too much with some water and although I like it, now it's not pure drybrush so wondering if I should continue with that or ?

The photo looks a bit blurry to me - I'll get another sharper one after I do some more work on it.

In order to work slowly in drybrush there are 3 things that have to happen:

1. Do NOT have too much caffeine in the morning and afternoon.
2. Take things slowly and look carefully and
3. Do NOT have too much caffeine :)

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