Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy 2 Year Anniversary To Me

I've been blogging for 2 years!
Can you believe it?
I can't.

Time sure flies.

I'll be expecting presents - lot of presents! ha ha

I'm off to the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society meeting today to watch a demo and hear a talk by Nancy Nordloh Neville, and take minutes and photos etc etc...


Nava said...

Happy Blogversary, Rhonda! Mine turned 2 in July - amazing indeed.

debwardart said...

Happy Blogiversary! Your summer girl painting is GREAT! Sorry didn't get to talk to you today - got there a bit late and left a bit early when "my ride" was ready to go!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I've got you beat by a month, my official start date of my blog was 10/11/06! It's been a fun two years, huh? Let's keep it going, it's a great thing to have an art blog adm yours is one of th ebest out there!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I think you have given yourself a wonderful present in going off to the demo and talk. They are always so inspiring. Happy Anniversary - trust lots of bottles and cake come your way as well. Really enjoyed watching your portrait work develop on your earlier posts. Something I am always scared of to tackle on my own.

RHCarpenter said...

Well, no presents yet but plenty of well wishes, and that will have to do until the chocolate arrives! ha ha

Thanks so much, Nava, Deb, Susan and Joan, for sticking with me these 2 whole years of trying to paint and articulate why I even try to paint!

Joan, portraits are always so scary - unless you tell others and yourself right away, Now I'm painting the essense of the person, not the photo of the person :) That gets you off the hook when you place the mouth and nose too close or change an eye color, etc :)