Friday, July 11, 2008

Watercolor Women

After receiving such a wonderful award from Nava, I should be ashamed to show this one - but I'm still working on it so I'll share this bad start.

It's watercolor on All Media Art Board (which has created a mottled look to everything so I should have used the other side).

So how to fix it? Save it? I'm going to tint some gouache and paint with it in the colors I have instead, which should smooth everything out. I mean, really, these 2 ladies don't want mottled legs like that!! And that bg has to go! What was I thinking? (The dark area that runs through the painting isn't solid but has nice texture in it that isn't showing in this photo - maybe if you click it to enlarge it...)

Don't you just love the kitten heels on the lady in the white skirt? That's what made me snap a quick (and very bad) photo during the last watercolor society meeting. And now I want a pair of those shoes!


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

If my legs were that shapely and I could wear those cute shoes, I think I would accept mottled legs! the gouache should take care of it, though. I haven't tried any of that paper, so don't know what to suggest for sure. I think your figures look very good and like how their postures reflect their conversation. Let us know how the gouache turns out...

RHCarpenter said...

Yeah, she did have the legs to make those shoes work :)
Gina turned me on this this paper a while back and I know one side comes up more mottled than the other. The gouache helps but I think I'm unsure where to go with this. Red, White or Blue?? Where is Sandy when I need her? ha-ha