Friday, July 11, 2008

Watercolor Women - phase 2

Tinted gouache in colors to get this far. It still doesn't work and I'm unsure where I'm going with this. What made me want to paint this in the first place - the shoes!! ha-ha

I was thinking I could use this for the Red, White or Blue project at WatercolorWorkshop - but I hope it comes together better than this for that to happen.
Oh, well, I'll work on it more tomorrow maybe - right now my back is OUT and it is not fun - unable to sit, stand, move, lie down without pain. I tell you, exercise is BAD for ME!!! (Jerry says I'd be fine if I didn't try to go at it like I'm training for an Olympic event each time I work out - but I figure the harder I work, the faster I'll get in shape, right?)
Well, I stand when painting and I'm fine when bending over my table but when I try to straighten back up - ouch! I hope I'm better (well, it's been 2 days already, so I should be healed, right???) by tomorrow's drawing session.


Ann Buckner said...

Does the All Media Art Board lift easy Rhonda? I haven't worked on this surface so am curious about it. In looking at your painting, I see the light coming from directly overhead, would that be right? Is it possible to just soften/diffuse the background, with less texture and edges, keeping the texture then in the clothing? Just some ideas for your consideration, for what they are worth. :)

RHCarpenter said...

That was the reason things were looking mottled, Ann - the paint wasn't lifting. Maybe I was using staining colors and need to check that, but I don't think so...and the hard edges it creates was giving me fits, too. Maybe I should just turn it over and start again. I'm not happy with it but I like your idea of blurring/softening the bg more and making the clothing more textured. No painting today, though, unless the meds start kicking in!