Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sunday we would have been heading out on our Vancouver Island adventure. Instead we had to cancel all the arrangements we'd made. It is soooo disappointing. But like I told Susan M., "It's a postponement, not a cancellation." We are working on still doing it in late August and surely by then I will be back to 100% - I hope I hope I hope.

Smudge is the only one who's happy about this delay - he says, "Don't leave me here alone, Mom. Who's gonna feed me?" Even though my sister comes and stays and rubs his belly and gives him food and talks to him and treats him like "just the cutest thing," he still hates to see those suitcases come out. I think he was trying to sneak in this one last time we took a trip!


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

It is better to postpone this trip until you feel more like participating. The plan trip alone would make you feel like a painful pretzel and you just could not enjoy yourself while on meds and in pain. I am sorry that it happened with this timing, but we never have anything to say about these things; convenient or not when they happen, they happen. Hang in there, girl!

Anonymous said...

Sure hope you are feeling much better. See you TUESDAY? We're headed to a falls today-and fish hatchery.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Susan. You are giving me hope, having had the same experiences with your back - but I'm still an impatient person so I have to be good longer than I want to be good!
I think Anonymous is Sandy - if so, it doesn't look promising for Tuesday class, Sandy. I'll let you know.