Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Sunday - Wildflowers

I saw a movie a long time ago (called Follow) that starred Mia Farrow as a wife of some British man who thought she was cheating on him. He hired a private investigator to watch her - the PI was Chaim Topol, an Israeli actor. He wore a long raincoat all the time and was always taking out boiled eggs from the pockets of his big raincoat. As he followed her around, he found out she wasn't cheating, just exploring and enjoying herself alone. He was already a little bit in love with her by the time he reported to the husband, who didn't believe him. I remember Topol was always saying, in this deep, mellifluous voice, "I am agonized!"

Well today, I am NOT agonized! For the first time since July 10th when this back problem arose. But just in case, I think I'll go find my raincoat and boil some eggs.

Until I'm back painting again, here's another pretty picture for you to see (and another reason to visit - I don't want to lose all my visitors while I'm unable to share new works).

Two photos by Jerry: Sweetpeas in a field

and a Jewelweed (also called a Touch-me-not) with a little bee buzzing around.


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

It's great to hear that you are not in agony, but don't get too frisky, too soon!

Vicki Greene said...

I am so sorry that you had to you were not able to go on your trip at this time. I do hope you are 100% soon. Vicki

Sandy Maudlin said...

SO SO glad you are not in agony anymore - but probably not alll that comfortable either. Rest up for the workshop.
anonymous aka Sandy

Dawn said...

Hi Rhonda!

glad your back is better! fingers crossed for you.
My sister and I just found a small stem of jewelweed this morning. so very pretty. thanks for the lovely photos.

debwardart said...

Always wondered what those pretty orange and red flowers were, now I know - seems I always learn something on your blog!
Glad your back is getting better - been there and done that - and you don't get much sympathy since there is no visible sign of pain like a cast or a bandaid over it! (Ditto for headaches!!!)
Sorry you had to postpone a trip, but you will enjoy it more now when you go.

Anonymous said...

So your back isn't hurting today? YAY!
Now, don't get all excited and start overdoing it yet, ok?

BTW,how can you put that image in my mind? now I'm gonna visualize you always wearing a big raincoat and getting boiled eggs out of the pockets non stop! *insert facepalm here please*

Have a great day sweetheart,

RHCarpenter said...

LOL! I'm getting more comments not painting :) Thanks so much, Susan, Vicki, Sandy, Dawn, Deb, and Teresa, for your uplifting comments today. I have a big tan raincoat - think I might start wearing it (but not today - going up in the high 80F-90F temps again).