Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And the Arte y Pico Award goes to...

As I said, Nava A-B had chosen some of the most awesome blogs out there so I had to find 5 others - which wasn't hard at all. Because these 5 are also rocking and rolling and creating some outstanding artwork, whether it's watercolor, acrylic, or photography. So go over and check out:

Carol Carter at Carol is my all time favorite creator of art and I am soooo lucky to be having a workshop with her in August!!!! YAY!!! This woman knocks my socks off every time.

David Burge, an Aussie wonder, at David's designs and unusual creations are one-of-a-kind and you will leave with a new appreciation of watercolor and what you can do with it.

Susan Roper at If Susan's homepage painting doesn't blow you away and show you what this woman can do, you need new glasses. She rocks! She works hard at her art and she is an extremely nice, wonderful lady :)

Check out Dawn's photography at Don't let the title scare you away from some oustanding photos that sometimes take your breath away.

Another photo favorite of mine, go to Nina's work at Nina watches and records nature, big and small. Right now she has a slide show of the hummingbird nest and fledglings at her doorstep. Awesome!!!

Is that 5? Gosh, I could have chosen so many more, but I'll stick to the rules (being "first born" we do need our rules! ha-ha).

Enjoy these - and for more treats, check out my sidebar to see more artists who will give you many hours of viewing pleasure.

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