Sunday, March 2, 2008

TriState Photographic Society Show at Sharon Woods

Jerry and I went to the show today - were there from 12:30 - 4:00! A long day for me but he loved it, talking to the people, answering questions, etc. They had a good turnout (it was a warm, almost sunny day), and some sales but mostly cards and small matted things. We'll see what the week brings.

Here are some photos of Jerry's photos in the show (he has a lot of cards, too, but not 1/2 as many as some of the photographers have).

Can you tell he likes nature and critters?


Sandy Maudlin said...

YES! The pix you posted look enticing. I'm anxious to get there on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing all the great work, especially George. Glad your turnout was good, too.

Ann Buckner said...

Wishing Jerry much success with the show. The photos look great and I like "Cattail Jail" and "Party Animal.: Great names too.

Carol Carter said...

hi rhonda... thank you so much for your comments about my watercolors... i REALLY appreciate hearing from you.. it makes a huge difference in my day~
i'm glad to see your work and blog.. it will be fun to get to know you in the workshop.!

best for happy day.


RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Sandy. I know Jerry will appreciate you stopping by :)
Thanks, Ann. Those frogs are favorites of a lot of people :)
Carol, thanks so much for stopping by. I do so love your work - I'm going to have to start playing the lottery so maybe someday I can have an original Carol Carter! I'm looking forward to the workshop, too, and all you can show up about your wonderful style.