Monday, March 10, 2008

A Surprise in the Mail + Framed Pots Stage 2

We didn't get mail delivery Saturday but look what came to me from the Chicago area.

It's a lovely heart card (actually, I got 2 of them!) from Debbie Egizio of Beat of My Art (her blog is on my sidebar and I love her work). She has a shop in Naperville and I hope to visit her when we drive up to visit relatives there this May. Anyway, I "won" these cards at her blog - first thing I've ever won at one of these giveaways at blogs! It sure put a smile on my face while shut in with the snow. Thanks so much, Debbie!!

I also worked more on the Framed Pots painting. I'll be working more with line now...

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Melanie said...

the pots are coming along beautifully!