Saturday, March 15, 2008

Slide Show for Spring

I'm in a slump. Tired. Jerry and I (mostly Jerry but I've helped out as secretary and mental health advisor :) have been working this week on the NACKES Science Fair that took place this morning. So up and dressed in our best with boxes of folders for the judges and other info, we went over to BEP on the campus of NKU. Then I walked and walked and walked through about 300 entries set up in Regents Hall (in heels, no less!) trying to pick just 2 students to give awards for most artistic. Usually there are 1/2 that many students and it's as easy choice. This time, not so easy. But I did it. Now home and out of my dress ups and high heels and into something comfortable but have to go back to pick up Jerry this afternoon - soon. So resting and realizing I don't feel like painting or drawing or anything.

So thought you might like to see some paintings I did that may be somewhat spring-like. It's foggy and misty and damp outside today with a cold chill in the air and about a dozen of the judges who said they would show up, didn't :( Maybe these paintings will get me in the mood, too. Or I'll spend another day on the sofa reading. Well, I keep buying these books at Borders so I have to read them sometime, right?

Like Ces and her Dishes (see sidebar for her blog), I am TARD. Maybe I can have her paint me behind the 2 of herself at the table, obviously tired...(go over and check it out).

One good thing - the drawing session through Manifest Gallery was cancelled today - not sure why since I couldn't go anyway. I hope it wasn't due to someone getting in a wreck due to the thick fog. So...we get 4 hours next Saturday to make up for 2 week's cancelled (a rarity but what can you do with this kind of weather). I hope we have a good model!


Dawn said...

scoot over Rhonda, I am joining you on the couch! LOL! love your slide show, might make myself one. I really like the lovebirds, very nice!

Deborah A. Léger said...

Wow, Rhonda, sounds like you've had a really busy day! Love your spring slide show.


RHCarpenter said...

When you're not painting you just have to pull up stuff from months or years ago! I have plenty of that stuff lying around. Still no painting - when I'm in this kind of mood I don't think I've ever created anything decent.