Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pyramidal Pots Started + Figure Drawing

I started the 4th painting of the Shaker kitchen stuff. Since it has to have a pyramidal composition, I'm calling it pyramidal pots - pretty clever, eh? Well, what do you want from a tired brain??

Just created a pyramid with the Quin Violet color and then drew the elements on there, arranging them into a pyramid shape. The onions have morphed into green onions with the long sheaths still attached but I don't know what the square thing is - it just showed up there so it may just disappear later.

After today's struggle with the figure drawing (we had a great model but I just couldn't get her figure right), I need a rest. She stood the whole time, leaning on a wooden easel and it was a good pose but I had trouble even though I measured and remeasured and remeasured again. Sometimes you just have to let it go...I think the hardest part was getting the shape of her breasts. She was young and yet her breasts were low on her body and they were not very rounded. Enough excuses - here it is, the only one I got today that looked half-way decent. My Life Drawing teacher said Wednesday that watercolorists are masochists. I disagreed, of course. I think life drawing students are masochists!


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Rhonda from Bluegrass Country. Have been out of touch most of this past week with family (daughter moving) and running all day workshop. Enjoyed popping back to bloggers who visit me and to see what they are doing. Simply love your tutor who creates these element 'homework' projects and I think you have tackled them great. Particularly liked the one with the chequerboard background - probably as I love colour - I think it works really well. Looking forward to seeing how your violet pyramid design develops. Your life drawing comes over well and see no problem with your interpretation of the model's 'boobs'. Best wishes from East Anglia England.

Dawn said...

Rhonda wrote: "My Life Drawing teacher said Wednesday that watercolorists are masochists."
so thats what is wrong with me? well now I know and dont feel so bad when I cannot paint LOL!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Joan. Sounds like you have been busy! I'm glad you took time to stop by and to comment on these works. I think her breasts are accurate but they still just don't look right to me! haha

Dawn, yep, now you know! haha