Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pale Magnolia - Too Heavy-Handed?

I wanted to do the magnolia again using a pale violet background and making the branch more green. I did that - BUT I think I got too heavy-handed with the pigment on the flower!! And now it looks like it needs a darker background to make it work. Shoot! This is one of those that looked much better in my imagination before it came out on paper.

I've gotten a lot of comments on this one on what I did wrong - and boy, I know it's wrong! haha But darkening the bg seems to be the main theme for fixing it. What do you think? Jerry said to rotate it with the branch at the top of the paper and add another branch coming off that piece behind the petal and then see if I can lift some of that blue color (too much cerulean!).

So this is how to take a lovely photo and make an ugly painting! haha


Sandy Maudlin said...

hey, it could be that the pureness of the violet is demanding as much attention as the pureness of the yellow in the magnolia. With similar strength of chroma with opposites, it's a battleground. Think about calming the bg slightly (not darken) with a combo wash of cobalt blue and another puddle of quin burnt orange.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Sandy! I got sooo many negative comments on this one and they were all right (over at WatercolorWorkshop) but I intend to make this work - I'm just determined to stop that candy-colored look it has so dulling here and there has to happen.