Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 - Changes, DairyAires + Dragonfly for Susan

Sorry, but I just didn't like the new template very much so returned to the old one. It just seems cleaner to me and easier to read.

And I took some advice given by Sue Cole at WatercolorWorkshop and grounded my cattle and lifted a few lights from the yellow. Done, and thanks Sue and all those at WcW who commented and to Sandy and Kathy in watercolor class Tuesday for their comments!

Also, I got a photo a while back from my friend, Susan M. in BC. It is a gorgeous photo and I thought I might try my hand at painting and trying to get those delicate wing structures. Below you'll see the painting with Susan's photo and then a larger version of the painting so show you where I am = a lot of misketing out shapes in those wings and this isn't done by any means but it's getting closer. I hope to visit Susan sometime in 2008 but for now we are just exchanging emails and photos when we take them. This is from Susan's garden.

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Anonymous said...

Cow butts again? now the circle is complete ^_^ lol. Is it on gesso?