Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 - Computer Meltdown!

I tried to print out some pics from Jerry's trip Tuesday morning. Apparently, I asked the computer to do too many things at once and it froze up completely. So, couldn't get out of anything and kept getting the fun error that I could send a report to Microsoft that my computer was frozen. Finally, I just hit the power bar. When it came back on - well, it didn't except for another great message from Microsoft telling me it was sorry but....

After 6+ hours with help from a wonderful tech named Amanda at Gateway, I finally got something that looked like what I had before. And still needed to install all my programs, including printer/scanner and programs for wordprocessing and spreadsheets and then had to work with my ISP and get that all back online and ready to go.

The worst fear was - Jerry had downloaded all 700+ photos onto the computer the night before. And had then reformatted his compact flash card for the camera. So if those photos were gone - they were long long gone. Fortunately, we got them back!

But no painting, no drawing, no watercolor class and no figure session yesterday. And chewed all my fingernails off today as a residual stress factor, I guess :(

So...will share tomorrow what I got painted a bit today but I'm feeling a bit unfriendly like this little crab who just wants to stay in its stressfree shell...
so see you tomorrow -------------------------

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