Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2007 - Kennedy Heights Show

Went to see the Kennedy Heights Art Guild Show - Deb Ward, a wonderful local artist, is in it and I want to see what she's been up to (besides the casein work she's been doing which is gorgeous!).

And I was sooo lucky - normally, they are only open on Saturdays 10-4 but there were people there and I got in, walked around, looked at the artwork and even picked up a few cards (I am a sucker for art cards - can't resist - have so many I will never, even if I sent my best friends a card every week from now on - be able to use them all!). Bought 2 boxes of Deb's work - don't you just love the pinks in those shells and that peony??

And got a single card from an artist called Jo Whetstone (like that name, too). I think it was the yellow and purple that really caught my eye. You can see her work at

The show is quite good, featuring the work of the Kennedy Heights Art Guild. It was quite diversified with lots of watercolors, acrylics, oils, texture pieces, photography and sculpture and ceramic work! It continues through May so get by and see it if you can.

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Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks for sharing those cards, they are great. The seashell one grabbed my attention as it looks a great deal like one Susie Short does on her Textures in Watercolor DVD. She used those same colors and did a lot of negative painting, as I remember. I'll have ot revisit that DVD and try something like that.