Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday, Apr. 3 - Tahitian Blue Walls

Picked out the color for the walls. Want it to be a seaside theme since we already have pics and shells and other things that look like the beach in there. And this bottom piece is a photo encased in glass - the photo taken by Sandy Voegeli at the Bahamian Field Station when her husband was director there. They have since moved on but I have 2 photos like this that I can hang or use as coasters - both of the water there so it looks like what you see when you're snorkeling :)

The color swatch is called Tahitian Blue and it looks more seagreen to me but it works.

Of course, this job is taking longer since I didn't sand it smoothly enough for my husband and he wants to do some sanding before I prime the walls. I thought it was a small enough job to do it without renting a power sander - but I was wrong.
We may get this finished by Saturday...


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


Good luck on your wall painting...as of tonight, when our son comes to help us move the heaviest of the office furniture into the new room, we will have an empty room which will need work. After painting walls and ceiling, it will have to be transformed into a guest room. So, I will join the wall painting brigade next week, after this weekend's art sale.

BTW, I love the color in that bottom tile, below the color swatch. Carry on....Susan

RHCarpenter said...

Susan, I admire all you are doing to get your new space ready. I'm already tired and we haven't even gotten to the primer on the walls yet! haha The color in the bottom tile is from the waters off San Salvador Island = beautiful!