Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2007 - Impermanence

Did this little painting called Impermanence and think I may do a larger one and call this a study.

I'm thinking about the impermanence of all things - of course, it's easier to see the impermanence of physical things so I thought about the tulips Jerry bought last week. They were buds and some blooms and bright and pretty. Now they have all bloomed out and petals have fallen to the ground and they are past their prime. And under the ground, the bulb that started it all.

I wanted to show all the stages coming from one bulb (I know it's botanically incorrect but I'm using my artistic license). So I may rework this one and do it larger - this is just about 4.5" x 7" wc paper.
And I've finally gotten my 15 minutes of fame! Check out this newspaper story written by Michele Melendez of Newhouse News Service:
Thanks, Michele, for a great article about the things we 50-somethings share in this interesting period of our lives.

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