Sunday, November 12, 2006

Monday, November 13, 2006

I have watercolor class this morning with my fantastic teacher, Sandy Maudlin. She just won the Ohio Watercolor Society top award for her painting of a Tibetan alleyway - check it out at to see what I mean :)

In class I'll be finishing up some things I've been working on, including Geisha No. 5 - Red Umbrella. Here are the stages of the painting. It is on watercolor paper that has been gessoed with gold gesso before painting on it so the whites are gouache and the rest is pure watercolor laid on fairly thick. I think she's done but will get one more critique from my teacher and the other students before sealing the painting (you have to do this to watercolor on gessoed paper or any moisture will make the paint run).
(Well, in class it was pointed out to me - thanks Carl and Sandy - that her hands were very tiny compared to her head. Carl is also a sculptor so he should know :) So a little more work to make them look a bit better and then it should be finished and ready to spray with Krylon matte finish fixative.)


Kathy's Watercolors said...

Very nice blog Rhonda; I like the layout of it. I Must comment on this Geisha with such a high key elaborate look, I'm sure it's already sold. Kathy Nesseth

Shant said...

welcome to the blogisspere!

Shant said...

Welcome to the blogissprere