Saturday, August 21, 2021



From a photo taken in Florida of beautifully colored and shaped banyan (?) trees outside our rental that year.  I’ve cut it down into a square to get rid of unnecessary stuff at the bottom (leaf litter I could not create to look right) and the top (more green) so the focus is more on those few leaves and the tree color and shape.  I need to darken the tree trunks more to show the sunlight was behind them.

But I think I’ll get out my new inks and play with the leaves a bit and see what happens, just to experiment. I have 2 pens and some odds and ends of things (sticks, bamboo stick pen, etc.) to use with the inks and I’ll play with those.  

I’ve been in a rut with painting and drawing lately (haven’t even finished my weekly lesson in the Strathmore Artist Series online course).  But might be coming back and it seems playing with the new inks will help get me back in the mood.  

I did read on the boxes of inks and found they are not lightfast - so…maybe they are just for quick sketching or learning rather than for finished works?  


laura said...

Good idea to crop out so much ... especially of things you don't feel so enthusiastic about painting!
I am also in a rut: plus it's been so hot and humid that I feel like any attempt to paint could only end in frustration ... Just occurred to me: maybe I should be drawing! Duh.

RH Carpenter said...

I’ve not been well for about 3-4 days, think it’s a sinus infection brewing :( so not feeling creative in any way, don’t even want to watch others paint on YouTube! Oh, well, it will get better…I hope!