Wednesday, June 23, 2021


 I put out peanuts for my blue jays (and for the little chipmunk that comes by and stuffs his cheek pouches = too cute!).  So I get some good photo references of the jays swiping down on the table and picking off the nuts, sometimes trying to get 2 in the mouth at one time (but that never works out).  I’ve had as many as a dozen jays at one time but, right now, have a family of 4 (one youngster is still asking to be fed by mom or pop).  


Jennifer Rose said...

i miss seeing bluejays, even if they are bullies at feeders lol

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

How lovely. I think out jays are beautiful birds but yours are something else. The blue looks so intense. It must be lovely to see the young'un growing. Best wishes.

RH Carpenter said...

Jennifer, we put out so much seed, suet and peanuts, no bird is much of a bully except the grackles in the spring. They jays are moving for peanuts and so is one little squirrel and IttyBitty (the tiny chipmunk). They all seem to share.
Yes, Lisa, I saw a large fledgling yesterday flapping his wings to be fed - but he was being ignored so I think mom and dad say, “You’re grown now and on your own - watch and learn!”