Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Just some nature sketches done in my moleskine book (I have so many sketchbooks and this one was started and left behind as I purchased others).  I did not do this on site but brought the goodies inside and worked on the sketches in my little art room.  I admit it, I am never going to be a plein air sketcher or painter!

The moleskine paper is a bit warm and I prefer bright white paper, but this is find for doodles and sketches just to fill the pages.  

Pulled some of the leaves off the little branch that held the acorns.  We have a huge oak beside our house which we like but it does often sound like the squirrels are bowling on the roof when the nuts start falling and rolling :)

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Debbie Nolan said...

Rhonda first your sketches are wonderful. I had to smile when I saw your leaves and acorn - I just picked up a couple of windblown branches that were near my deck this morning. Thought I would get a chance to draw them as well. Hope you have a wonderful day. P.S. just read about an artist (sorry can't remember her name - she is on Pinterest) who keeps a virtual natural journal. Basically she may draw something from a certain month or week on a page and then come back to that page next year and sketch something else found during that month - therefore she may be using this sketchbook for years. Like that idea...means that the sketchbook is an ongoing project. Take care.