Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Picked up some mangrove leaves that had fallen on the dock outside our house, brought them in to save for a quiet day.  Painted on the counter in the kitchen while Sweetie watched a U.K. basketball game.

Didn't see any mermaids this trip, but did read about them in a very cool book by Christina Henry called Mermaid.  If you like interesting historical fantasy, you'll like it - and it's great to take to the beach with you.  


Powdered Toast Man said...

Historical fantasy? Didn't even know that was a genre.

RH Carpenter said...

Well. I guess I made that category/genre up - but it’s about P.T Barnum showing a mermaid to the masses and his second-in-comand who signed the contract with her to perform. So some historical bits that are used for the fantasy of having a real mermaid (and not the Figi Mermaid Barnum actually pawned off as a real mermaid). A clever and interesting read, even if you don’t believe in mermaids :)

Jennifer Rose said...

the leaves would be great to you on a gelli plate :) i keep forgetting to collect leaves around here before they are all gone lol