Thursday, June 27, 2019


While sitting around doing nothing, I started catching up on some of my favorite blogs.  I especially was interested to see what Marc Taro Holmes was up to with this 30 day challenge to himself over on Citizen Sketcher.  And WOW!  I was blown away by his work.  Every painting was stunning.  It got me wanting to do something like it using my granulating colors and letting things slip and slide on the paper (Marc is painting very wet into wet and letting the pigment play - he also is using granulating colors with opaques over the top at times.)  If you haven't been over to his blog, check it out here.  You won't be sorry.  Each painting is such a work of art and only 18 x 18 inches.  

So looking at his work inspired me to try something similar on my own - using my own palette of granulating colors and opaques.  I admit, I am really reluctant to put down opaques but I do see the beauty of it when it just flows over wet pigment so I'll keep trying.  

Anyway.  Here is my first one.  Done on a scrap sheet of paper, it's just 4 1/4 5 x 14 1/2 inches.  

Calling it
Down to the Bedrock of Being  

I liked it so much and felt such energy flowing through me after doing this one, that I did three more.  So thanks so much, Marc, for sharing your challenge, for producing such gorgeous paintings and telling us how you did it (although these types of imaginary things cannot really be reproduced by another).  Inspiration comes and I'm ready for it!

Will share the others in the coming days - but this is not a 30 day challenge (that would just kill it for me to have to produce every day for 30 days so...we'll see what comes, and when I start lagging, I'll just dip my toe into that river of inspiration again and see what happens!)

Happy painting, all!


Jennifer Rose said...

ooh new art blog to look at :)

you did a really good job with that technique and its great you got your inspiration back :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you today, this is beautiful! I will go check out the blog you mentioned, It’s always amazing to see where the paint chooses to flow when given some rein, take care,

RH Carpenter said...

I think you’ll enjoy his work, Jennifer Rose. Thanks.

Thanks, Laurie. I think you’ll like his paintings - the 30 x 30 he did are amazing!

laura said...

Very cool painting, Rhonda! Really like it. And thanks for the blog recommendation!

laura said...

I have Holmes's Direct Painting book ... very inspiring!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Wonderful! I really love, love, love the format! A very special little nugget.