Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Do you feel like painting, or being creative in any way, when you are in pain?  I don't.  And I've thrown out my back somehow...so may be a while before I feel like standing at my table and painting.  Until then, isn't it funny how sometimes your palette looks like a painting?  Saw this used palette (acrylics) on the floor and thought it looked like a big blue dog - or maybe a lion?  

But you don't always get something interesting when you look at your dried palette of paints - like this one doesn't look like much of anything to me.  What about you?  Do you see something here?


Anonymous said...

I’m sorry to hear your back is out, that’s not good, my daughter nods her back give out this winter and it was awful, but with rest and exercise, ice and heat she got over it pretty fast,
When I was painting with my art group we actually sold our wooden palettes at an auction lol, we dressed them up a bit though, it was a fund raiser, they were oils , some were quite pretty , when I look at your pallett it’s the colour that strikes me, like a current in the lake, creating different shades of blues, dark from the shadows and white of the waves and foam lol, I have a wild imagination lol, take care of that back!

Linda Starr said...

When my back was bad I used to dream (in the daytime and awake) of making art. so many ideas of what I wanted to make in clay came to me. I found that lying flat on my stomach with my arms at my side for five minutes without doing anything really helped my back relax and I still occasionally do this when I think my back might go out. hope you heal quickly

Jennifer Rose said...

hope your back feels better soon :)

Studio at the Farm said...

Rhonda, I send you best wishes for feeling MUCH better SOON! No, I don't feel like painting at all when I am in pain. As for your palette art - yes, I do see a blue mastiff in the first one, nothing in the second.

Be well soon!!!

Kathryn XX

carolzsmiles said...

I see a very distinct animal, with the eye on the left and the stripe across the top like a badger stripe. I am trying to deal a death and its terrible emotional pain. the pain is so overwhelming I feel like i'll never paint again. All i'm able to do is read other artists words. But I do see a badger-ish animal. Maybe its a sign that I am able to comment here.

Candy said...

I hope your back feels better soon, Rhonda. If I leave the photo of the second one small, I see a duck on the left. If I enlarge it, I see pretty colors but no animals. I'm typing this with Cary Grant's assistance (my big sweet cat). If I sit down at the computer, I become fascinating to felines:) Now that I think of it, it works on dogs and husbands, too:)