Thursday, June 21, 2018


India ink in my Strathmore sketchbook.  It bleeds through a bit - and then you can create something differnt from the bleed through on the other side - like this next one :)

A Picasso-ish creation?  This one on the back of the previous inked one but this one using charcoal.

(Have you been watching the NatGeo series Genius: Picasso?  What an ass the man was!! )

Charcoal in the sketchbook.

Again, the the sketchbook but using charcoal and conte crayons (chalk) along with blue pencil.  

If it wasn't so hot (heat index of 105!!), I'd go out to one of the cemeteries that have the angel statues and draw and/or photograph them as angels are on my mind.


Chris Lally said...

What a great series, Rhonda! A great challenge to use the bleed through images, but you were up to that challenge! Love the results.
And no, haven't been watching the series. Thanks for the warning - think I'll pass.

Diana said...

Very cool. I like angels too. I ve been on a mandala kick lately in my sketches. I have been watching Genius. I wanted to see how he came up with his ideas. He was overconfident wish I had some of that. Love,Diana

Sadami said...

Wow, Rhonda, good on you! Interesting. Cheers, Sadami

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Picasso "interesting" person. ground breaking artistically (im not a huge fan though), but kind of a player :p

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Chris. I just turned the paper over and saw something else - so did that, too. I guess a really open mind is the best thing to have when doing these experiments.

Thanks, Diana. I did a warrior mandala, too, recently (to be shown soon) - just on a scrap of paper and putting down color and shapes. Sometimes our subconscious mind can create some interesting things when we let it loose :)

Sadami, thanks :). Hope you are enjoying your summer that is not summer but is winter!!!

No, Picasso was not one of my faves but I wonder what makes one a genius - being told enough times or telling others enough?!? Seems like there’s a lot of that going around with people telling others how smart they are. I always thought if you had to tell others how smart you are that just maybe you were not as smart as you thought. But...with art, who knows? I’ve seen some pretty sad things passed off as high (meaning expensive) art. Good thing I’m not a judge or critic! ha ha