Sunday, March 25, 2018


You know it's that time of year - Peeps are in the stores.  Which means, time to paint some Peeps!  And they are birds :)

Easter Peeps 1, 2018

9 x 9 1.5 inches
Arches 140# coldpress paper


Chris Lally said...

LOVE those birds! Keep 'em coming, Rhonda.

Debbie Nolan said...

Ah Rhonda - I just love your peeps. Bet you may have some others you will share too. Hugs!

RH Carpenter said...

Oh, yes, Debbie, a few more Peeps will show up soon :). Glad you like them. And no calories!! Ha ha

Thanks, Chris, birds it is for this year - I’m glad no one is getting bored with them yet :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

they do make nice paintings with the bright colours :D cant get them here tho