Tuesday, August 15, 2017


When we returned from our trip to Chicago, I had 2 Shirley Trevena tapes waiting for me.  I have one of her DVDs (Breaking the Rules of Watercolor), and liked it so much and her style (and that crazy hair!) that I thought a jumpstart would get me painting and enjoying painting again after a bit of a drying out spell.  

So I have 2 DVDs to watch now and then who knows where that will lead.  She is entertaining and informative and has a very personal style which I've seen no one try to imitate (she doesn't preplan and draw but puts out still life items and then paints directly on the paper in the composition she wants - which grows and changes as she paints).  If you have never seen her painting, it's well worth the DVD price - I got the two DVDs on sale from Creative Catalyst and the sale may still be going on.

So I have 3 hours of inspiration to watch this week before diving in and working on new things, as well as trying to finish the gold gessoed painting and the regular painting of the mosses.

After I watch these, I'll give you a little peek and let you know what I think about the DVDs.  

What has inspired you recently?  Are you too busy with summer and the last days before school starts, or are you lazily coasting through summer, waiting for the fall days to begin (I admit, fall and spring both inspire me but summer and winter, not so much!).


Chris Lally said...

Shirley Trevena - LOVE her books & DVDs (and her hair)!
She has always been a big inspiration to me - her talent and attitude. I have the Breaking the Rules DVD & Taking Risks DVD, but have not seen My World of Watercolor. Looking forward to hearing what you think, Rhonda.

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh Rhonda - I adore Shirley Trevena. Read her books but haven't checked out her DVD'S...I'm sure they will inspire you...enjoy friend and have a lovely day. Hugs!

Barbra Joan said...

I do have her book, Breaking the Rules. She's a terrific lady .