Saturday, October 1, 2016


For the entire month of September, I was fighting migraines - 8 total, which means 16 days in pain.  Not plesant.  During this month, I learned that I am not capable of dealing with chronic pain without becoming a wimpy woman who cries when she sees puppies, little piglets, sad dogs and cats, kittens, even while watching a program about a wonderful woman who quilted 100 original (no pattern, free style) quilts in her life who was a sharecropper's wife.  Yep, made me cry.  So my emotions have been put into some kind of blender and are just raw - because of the pain.  

In between migraines, I painted this.  15 x 5 inches, watercolor and watercolor ink on TerraSkin paper.

Migraines September 2016

I am hoping October is a better month.  Until then...


AK said...

Migraines can be really terrible. Wish you freedom from them. But it seems to have inspired you resulting in a lovely painting.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Pain can do that to a person. It gets you down so don't be too hard on yourself. Your painting describes very well to me how it feels to have a fully charged migraine battling in the brain. Hopefully this bout of migraines have passed now for you.

Jennifer Rose said...

:( really really hope this month is not a repeat of the last one. and
weeping from pain is completely normal

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Holy Watercolors! That can't be fun. I'm so sorry you have to deal with these evil headaches and hope researchers soon find something to stop them in their tracks. Hopefully the cure won't be worse than the problem. I'm thinking of some sort of electronic device which would dull, or numb whatever is causing them, or perhaps stimulate some part of the brain which would overcome the cause with a flood of good feelings. It would be far better and safer than pills.
Maybe there aren't enough sufferers to generate the gazillions of dollars Big Pharm needs to begin serious work on a cure or treatment. Sorry our world works that way.
Best of luck fighting them, Rhonda. And keep hope for a cure strong.

Rebecca Sommer said...

I found your blog just in time to learn of the pain you are suffering. I'm so sad about that. I must say, though, that your art is is so wonderful. I would love to see you. Becky Sommer, Hot Springs, AR

Nancy Goldman said...

I'm so sorry that you are dealing with migraines. I can't believe you can do anything while you are in such pain.
It's been a while since I've been to your blog and I enjoyed seeing your work on TerraSkin. I love that surface.

Feel better.

RH Carpenter said...

September was a rough month - I'm hoping October is better! If not, I'm not sure what November will bring for me :(
But thanks so much, Asit, Lisa, Jennifer Rose, Gary, Nancy and Rebecca, for stopping by and commenting. Better days to come, I'm sure...

Barbra Joan said...

Rhonda, reading about your headaches brings back memories of my lifes experience with horrible migraines from the time I was 20 up until my 60's. Years of missing good times, My life was run by my headaches.
I'm free of them now, yes, I outgrew them, LOL ! ...I'm now 79.
I wanted to pass on something to you ... At the very late years, I was prescribed a med called
Max-Alt 10 .. This after years of taking everything they through at me.
I called it a miracle drug. Small pill you put on your tongue, .. best part no side effects. Usually took a half hour and all of a sudden I would realize it was gone.,.
You might want to ask your dr.

RH Carpenter said...

Hi, Barbra Joan - thanks for the info. I do have that med and take it when the aura starts = it used to work like a charm but doesn't work as well now since I've been on it for a while. I was worried about taking more than 2 a week so tried Excederin Migraine pills, too = 1 when I felt it coming on - sometimes that and a strong cup of coffee would work. I'm in my second month of migraines (it is lessening this month and I hope it gone by November!!).