Thursday, October 27, 2016


September was a horrid month of migraines which laid me low for days at a time - weeks at a time, really.  October = 6 so far and that's good news!  Had an MRI and it showed "normal" which is all the report I got about it - 35 minutes in a tube with and without dye injected into me and I get "normal" a one word report??  So asked for a copy of the report the doctor got!  Maybe I don't want to know...but that just isn't me.  I want to know even if I have to look up the medical terms.  I know it irritates some doctors who just want you to agree and move on - take this pill and you'll be fine - or whatever.

Anyway, enough whining.  I am painting nothing but small cards so here they are...

Pumpkins are everywhere these days - wonder what they do with all those leftover ones in the boxes at the grocery?  Have you seen the ones people are carving like our presidential candidates?  Scary! ha ha

Some seed pods.  

These cards are homemade from 5 x 7 bits of Arches or Fabriano 140# coldpress paper.  Which means I'll have to find some envelopes for them.


Barbra Joan said...

Lovely painting . Color is great.
I wrote you last post about your migraines, telling you what happened to me.
And even to the MRI ... I posted about a med that finally helped me after 30 years of pain. I always get your address back again ( and a few other bloggers, but I've been told they DO receive mine. I hope you do too.
Barbra Joan

Sadami said...

Take care, Rhonda! Best wishes, Sadami

RH Carpenter said...

Hi, Barbra Joan. I did see your comment about migraine and the meds (I do have those and they help but don't work as well as they used to work when I first began with them). I wonder - do you mean your comment to my blog comes back like it cannot be delivered? I do get your comments on the blog but nothing in a personal email which is
RHCarpenter at gmail dot com (you know you have to use the symbols but we can't put that online for some reason?). Anyway, thanks!!!

Hi, Sadami. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday weekend!!!

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Sorry you're having such a rough time. "Normal"? I'd be upset with that report, too. Maybe it's time to move, at least for a couple of months or so. Maybe the migraines are a result of something in your environment and a few hundred, or a couple thousand miles would give you the opportunity to renew and recuperate.
Just an idea, but maybe it's the only thing you've yet to try. Who knows...maybe your particular physiology/chemistry/genetics are, for some unknown reason, susceptible to something in the air, water, local food, or even your home. A complete change, including your wardrobe, might help narrow down the cause.
May I suggest Hawaii? Or, perhaps the Caribbean area where you and Jerry visit. Anyplace a fairly long distance from home.
Hope you're having a decent day, Rhonda. And best wishes that a headache-free life is just around the bend.

Jennifer Rose said...

the report for the MRI the doctor got might actually only say normal on it :) sometimes its only when something odd shows up that more is written on them but hopefully your report goes into more detail. they are neat to go over and even neater to see the scans if you can :)

RH Carpenter said...

Gary, you have the right idea - run away from this horrid Ohio River Valley weather which has been known to give people migraines, sinus headaches, etc. Somewhere there is water and waves and fresh air - is there still such a place - oh, yes, Hawaii!!! You are so lucky to be living the good life :) And how did you know I need a new wardrobe? The kids think my jeans are in style but they are just 20 years old and getting holes in them! ha ha I was going to Savannah, GA in my mind in August but never made the plans to go - should have done it because maybe my body and mind were trying to tell me something before the migraines started. In late August, early September, the red tides in Florida and the hurricanes in the Carribean stopped us planning any warmer beachy getaway but there is always Hawaii (does it have to be such a long flight??? - beam me up, Gary!!!)

Jennifer Rose, thanks for the comments - I did get the report copy and it says other things besides just Normal so I feel like I am aware now of the inside of my brain and it's state - nothing to worry about but some changes causes (possibly) from migraines. Aging brains have all kinds of little things which are, I guess, "normal" to aging brains but one wants to keep an eye on potential problems (none there so far). Informed is better than just blind trust in our medical system that often doesn't work very well.

Jennifer Rose said...

no, the medial system in a lot of places doesn't work the best :/ and docs sometimes do get annoyed when us as the patients try to play an active role in our own health care. good that nothing to worry about shows up, ot good about the possible changes from migraines tho :(