Sunday, December 1, 2013


From a photo by Sweetie (a.k.a. Jerry H. Carpenter), I got inspiration to paint these two lovely flamingos we saw at the Jacksonville, FL Zoo earlier this year. 

Funny, but when Sweetie shows these photos of these more orange birds to his photo club, they all say he's manipulated the color.  He hasn't.  They are really that orange color.  

I think the color of flamingos - from palest pink to vibrant orange - comes from what they are being fed in the wild or in captivity.  Our flamingos at the Cincinnati Zoo are pale pink.  

Calling this one Synchronized Wading but another title may come to me later.

This is a full sheet watercolor (22" x 30").  I masked off the whites of the flamingos and some streaks in the water, then went wet and wild into the background.  The flamingo orange was painted last.  But now it looks wrong - so will need to redo that background to fit more with a more orange bird, or lift the color from the birds and make them more pink.  Will share more when I decide on colors to make it more harmonious.    

Happy December 1st - can you believe it's already December?
Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend doing whatever you wanted to do.  

I have to get some drawing done before class Wednesday since I did no drawing (other than these birds) since class the week before Thanksgiving.  I think we are supposed to try self-portraits!  

A busy busy couple of weeks ahead for me...will try to post every few days but can't promise.


Vandy said...

I love this painting, Rhonda. Fabulous colour. It's so joyful.

Autumn Leaves said...

I think these are beautiful just as they are, Rhonda. You mastering wet into wet and getting that loose feel while still being able to make your subject identifiable. Great work!

Carol Blackburn said...

They are lovely flamingos Rhonda. I have to laugh because I painted some piglets sleeping and when I had the painting at home they looked wonderful, but when I took the painting to work to show it, under the fluorescent lights....OMG they were hot pink for sure. People said, they sure are PINK. It was some experience.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Vandy, Sherry and Carol. I have changed some and will share later...
Csrol, I think hot pink piglets would be great! ha ha


fantastic colours ...lots of movement in this one rhonda ... great start ... dwg class looks like it is going well

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Jane. I'm always trying to fight my tendency to give up with something is "too hard" for me - like the drawing class! But I've found that, if I stick it out, I actually progress and learn and make another step closer to what I want.