Monday, December 9, 2013


My sister is the one in the photos with the long long hair.  That's her best friend, Tara (we always called her by her nickname, Sugar), the blonde little one.  And in the left photo, that's me standing behind another neighborhood girl.  No one knew how to take good photos in those days - you were either in the shade with your features unrecognizable - or you were squinting into the sun.


Happy Birthday, Li'l Sister!!!


Vandy said...

Sisters are awesome. I find the older we get, the closer my sister and I become.

Lovely photos.

Autumn Leaves said...

I love family photos like these and I thank you for telling us who is who in them. Believe it or not, I always want to know! Happy birthday to your sis!

Debbie Nolan said...

Hope your sister's birthday was special. I know what you mean about those old photos but still there is something so special about them (especially the black & white ones). Have a lovely day.

RH Carpenter said...

Vandy, I am so lucky to have my sister. I wish she would read my blog once in a while, but I think she's too busy.
I like looking at old photos, too, even if I don't know the people, Sherry.
We recently found a lot of old photos and a few Brownie Kodak cameras in my grandmother's house when we cleared it out. So many memories come flooding back!
Thanks for commenting, Debbie.