Sunday, April 22, 2012


Here's some paintings - some just started, others finished.

The techniques were shared by Myrna in the first 3 days and then we began using them, incorporating some and just playing with some on paper or tissue or Tyvek get the idea!!! ha ha

The two at the bottom were started using gesso (white) over a "failed" painting.  Letting that dry and then on the lower left, I used a stencil from Mary Beth Shaw's StencilGirlProducts line (trees) and put more white gesso there for a raised pattern.  I wanted something more so added in the blobs of black gesso to add something to all the white.  Then I added red (but only had a rose color with me - only had 5 acrylic colors and 3 Dr. PH Hyrdus watercolor inks with me so very limited in color).  Will go back to this one and add a bright, true red in spots to jazz it up.  The lower right is just gessoed and not sure what will go there in the future.

My least favorite and least successful painting was painting on the embossed aluminum foil.  I glued the foil to watercolor paper (140#) with acrylic gloss gel and I never thought it dried well underneath but painted on it anyway with 3 acrylic colors.  Should have had a plan, I guess, because I was just winging it and it's supposed to be a waterfall with tree and rocks but it just looks like a patterned shiny mess!  Oh, well, every technique is not going to be for everyone and Myrna's version of this was very very cool.

I'll talk more about my favorite techniques and how they were done tomorrow - come back and see me!

And since I'm taking up Sunday's time, I'll have another Sunday Sharing next week with all my new followers who have blogs :)

Myrna is going to be teaching in Wisconsin in July.  If you're in that area, it sounds like a great location and you will learn so much and get to know this wonderful lady!!!  She is definitely the texture queen :)  And for a teacher, she is patient with those who got lost or those who missed a step; she was open for new experimentation in class; and she didn't want us to paint like her but create our own "authentic voices" for our paintings - hope I can do that with the new knowledge she's given me. 

So...tomorrow come back to see my favorite techniques which I will definitely be adding to my art tool kit in the future! 

Happy Earth Day


Unknown said...

Myrna's workshops are great, I learned so many little things from her when she came to Portland. (I like that foily thing)

Here's a thought; Since you already have comment moderation, why do you make people type in the wavey words? My friends and I have removed them!

RH Carpenter said...

Carrie, the last time I took off the word verification, I got a dozen spam messages in the "to be moderated" inbox almost immediately - so I decided it would take too much time to look at the messages, choose which ones were spam, send those packing and okay the real messages - if I got a dozen almost immediately, I figured I might just get a hundred by the end of the week - so put it back on. Some people don't have a problem with spam, but I get a lot of it when I remove word verification. Sorry for the inconvenience - I know I hate those word verifications, too, but they are a necessary evil some of the time.

Autumn Leaves said...

Hah! My favorite is the aluminum foil piece. I think it is the pattern and textures and the way the colors allow the foil itself to be highlighted. Course, the palette in the foil piece is also my favorite so... I wish I could take Myrna's workshop in July. It isn't that far from home but it is just too expensive for me. Not to mention I cannot get the time off of work, alas.

RH Carpenter said...

Sherry, that's why we all create art that is different - some liked and used that technique well but it just didn't work for me :)