Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Did you get any art supplies or art related stuff (books, DVDs, etc.) for Christmas?  Here's some artsy things I got - Santa was good to me :)

The Sumi-E set and instruction book are from Sweetie...as are the DVDs (both of which are going to be challenging and fun to study and try out).

And this gorgeous book (full of drawings and sketches) is from my step-daughter, Jenny (she was my Secret Santa this year).

This is the one Myrna Wacknov is in.  Each version of Strokes of Genius (1 - 3) contains at least one artist I know, either locally and in person, or through their blog.


Sadami said...

You're a lucky, lucky beloved lady!!I admire Shirley Trevena and love "Strokes of Genius." Have fun in Sumie!!
Best wishes,Sadami

Katrina said...

Wow....you did good! Love, love, love Shirley Trevena and have just discovered Myrna's blog. Seems like your family knows you very, very well. I received a Cheap Joe's gift certificate and spent the whole afternoon inventorying my paints and going through the catalog. Can't wait to redeem it.

Kevin K said...

Awesome! Im in that book as well. "Big Alex" is the name of the piece.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Well deserved, my Dear, well deserved.
I guess you'll be playing with your new toys instead of celebrating New Year's Eve!
Have fun and remember that BIG, TERRIBLE DEADLINE we're all facing.
Yours In Fear,

Anonymous said...

What a haul you got!! Wonderful gifts, each and every one!!

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, lucky, lucky!! I've just watched the first part of the Shirley Trevena DVD and already love it.

Katrina, don't you just love going through art catalogs?

Gary, I wish I could paint every day for the new year - until December 12, that is!!! So little time, so much to do :)

Yep, Santa was very good to me, Sherry.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Kevin, for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I went back to the book and saw your Big Alex graphite drawing - super (and right next to Myrna's page). And your drawingandcoloring.com site looks like it has everything anyone needs to learn and perfect their drawing skills.

jgr said...

Congrats on such wonderful Christmas loot! Shirley Trevena is one of my faves.

RH Carpenter said...

Jane, I think I'm going to love her DVD :)