Sunday, December 11, 2011


This is a lovely book, full of good information and gorgeous paintings.  I've had it for some time now, but am just now getting around to sitting with it, reading it, and looking at the examples.  I'm going to try to create a few lessons for myself using her techniques and see if I can get that watercolor look.

I really want to become more proficient in wet-in-wet style painting in order to get ready for my Carol Carter workshop in February 2012.  Plus, I just really love this style of watercolor more than any other - but it takes more learning and practice on my part, plus an ability to let the pigment and water do their thing without too much fiddling!

I began a drawing on tracing paper, of the next Caw Girl painting.  I didn't realize or see until I'd begun the painting (on hotpress paper - what a mess!) that the crow is WAY TOO BIG!!  So...since this will be a do-over on 140# coldpress, I'm going to take some of the Ewa Karpinska wet-in-wet techniques and play with this and see what happens.  She doesn't work on hotpress so it may be a struggle but it's just paper, right?

That's masking fluid (Pebeo Drawing Gum) all around that I'll lift out before doing more playing.

Now, is that one HUGE crow or is that one TINY woman? ha ha


Judy said...

I think it's the same book I have, only with a different cover. Wonderful book, isn't it! Happy painting!

Carol Blackburn said...

Interesting one, Rhonda.

Jane said...

Rhonda, wet in wet painting is my favorite....hope you will enjoy too. This painting is interesting, could lead to 'interpretations' with this big crow. I am quite curious to see the final result !
Wish you a happy week!

Anonymous said...

The crow doesn't look that big in the painted version, Rhonda. What a neat and unique composition!!

jgr said...

Your painting is good so far, and the book looks like a great one.

Caroline Simmill said...

Good expressive work Rhonda, I saw my friend the crow again by the village shop he is such a character and as big as the crow you painted. Maybe it is him!!

RH Carpenter said...

Judy, it's a great book and I intend to study it more.

Thanks, Carol, Jane, Sherry!

Thanks, Jane and Caroline. Caroline, some crows are awfully big, maybe I'll trim it just a bit and let it be fairly large. I want him looking at her black shoes - thinking...whatever crows think! ha ha