Thursday, August 3, 2017


And you thought it would be another honeybee painting!

No, this one is an abstracted painting, the reference photo one Sweetie took on a nature walk months ago.  It's a close close close-up of moss on a fallen log.  Pretty great photo and I wanted to try it.  

This is just the first steps BUT
now that I see it, I see that mistake in composition (the whirly-gig type shape in the right side is a no no.)  AND
I also wonder if maybe I should try this on gold gessoed paper (there are a lot of gold tones in the photo).

And speaking of gold gesso, Daniel Smith used to make it, then stopped making it for some reason.  But now - YAY - they are back in business (artists probably called and asked for it to return).  I just saw the latest Dick Blick catalog and it's in there - a bit pricey but it spreads on a lot of paper/canvas/board/whatever so lasts a long time.  Get some and try it if you want to try painting on it as a ground - you can use watercolor (spray seal the painting when finished), acrylic and oil paints on it.

I have about a 1/4 pint tub left so may order another (just in case DS stops production again).  And I think I will start over with the mossy painting on gold gessoed paper.


Caroline Simmill said...

Hi Rhonda, looking forward to seeing the next stage in your mossy painting, it looks good so far! gesso is fantastic stuff. I have some cheap student gesso which I have used for both paper and also for canvases to create super smooth surfaces or cling film to create nice texture when lifted off.

Debbie Nolan said...

Rhonda - will be looking forward to seeing your mossy abstract done on the gold gesso. I had never heard of it before. Daniel Smith's acrylics have a line or did that had gold paint - probably not the same tint though. Well take care friend and have a delightful weekend. Hugs!

Studio at the Farm said...

This looks intriguing already, Rhonda. I look forward to its next stage.


RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Caroline, Debbie and Kathryn :) We'll see how the 2 versions turn out and which is best :) I just tried to order some of the gold gesso from and it's backordered - so a lot of artists use it (they should make more). You can still order it directly from but it's a bit more expensive (not on sale).