Thursday, March 30, 2017


Well, it's still not completely finished! 😊

I need to go back and make the main pod pop a little more with color because the photo looks better than the real thing so...maybe a light glaze of a warm red but not too much.  And I need to push back the open space/background on the left upper side.  

Then...on to something else.  I have a hankering for some loose, wet-in-wet stuff.  We'll see where that takes me.

(While I was painting this, my left hand went numb.  A sign of carpal tunnel syndrome?  Hope not!  I often wake up and find a hand numb and just think it's because I've slept with it under my head or something.)

6 comments: said...

This is gorgeous. Don't do too much more. I love it as is.

E.M. Corsa said...

This is so beautiful Rhonda. Don't compare it to anything; it's gorgeous on its own!

My hand goes numb too; while working and sometimes while sleeping. Not carpal tunnel just nerve issue. My doc says it's originating in my neck and shoulder area by the way I sit and work. Not to worry.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Carol and Elizabeth. I just wish the painting looked as vivid as the photo does - the pods look a bit dull due to the opaque nature of the Lavender pigment I used but I'll live with it a while and see if I like it more. I think the numbness (which went from my right hand to the right side of my face) was my body trying to fight off a migraine. Because I have a migraine today - my head is a barometer and thunderstorms can cause migraines for me :(. Maybe I should rent myself out to the newscasters who can't seem to get it right with their doppler radar! ha ha. Just ask me and I'll tell you = it's going to storm tonight or tomorrow, my head says so!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

:( sorry you have a migraine :( hopefully that goes away soon

simple test drs do to test first signs of carpel tunnel I more than likely have it, but time will tell

love your painting :D hopefully your migraine goes away so you can do the work on it you want to do

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

There is a beautiful light to this one Rhonda. The composition really works too, everything drawing the eye up to the main event. Fabulous!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Jennifer Rose - migraine comes and goes (another today but it's been a rough day so not too surprised!). Hope you are doing well and relatively pain free :)

Thanks, Lisa. So glad you took the time to comment!