Monday, March 13, 2017


Not back painting on the banana plant yet (not feeling well).  But I am doing some test strips to try to get the colors of red and violet-blue streaks in the main flower part of the plant.  

I seem to have a lot of reds in my art room but don't use many of them - so did some testing.  (I also have a lot of greens - why did I buy so many tubes of paint that are not used?)


Do you ever test your colors before putting them into the painting?  Or do you just know what color should go there?  Or does it not matter but use your own color sense (sometimes changing colors up as you want)?

I'll get back to the painting when I'm feeling better.  Not sure what the problem is but having queasy tummy issues for a few days now.


Jennifer Rose said...

hope you are feeling better

when using coloured pencils I just seem to know what colour to use, but with painting, I do usually make tests strips just to see how colours will blend together

RH Carpenter said...

Jennifer Rose, I don't normally make test strips but this color is just odd - deep muted red with chalky or light violet or cerulean? Playing with some colors helped me see what I needed to get close to this - doesn't have to be botanically accurate as long as it reads right :). Hope you are doing well, too. I am feeling better and back to playing and painting.

Jennifer Rose said...

glad you are feeling better :)

I tend to just make test strip when using acrylics just because they dry so dark unless I plan on varnishing the painting, then that doesn't matter

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I like a good splosh around to test colours and I would definately have to do lots of testing if I started to use red as I never do....usually the reddest red that I use is burnt sienna. Very occasionally perylene maroon gets an outing. I still seem to have lots of tubes of red lurking in the bottom of the draw just the same. Your combinations will be lovely with the greens.