Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I took Mom over to see the show today (I did not attend the reception on Sunday).  She had some favorites and said she liked the show.  There were some really good paintings in the group and some missing (because they sold - good for them!).  

Here are the winners (first, second, third)...

First Place to Carolyn Hibbard for her painting of Santorini.  A very masterful composition that leads us up from the bottom left to the top right, plus lovely violets in the shadows.

Second Place to Tom Schroeder for his painting of a barn window.  Wonderful use of darks which are not muddy but clean, with the pure white of the paper for the whites of the window and weeds = well done and a well deserved award.

Third place went to Deb Ward for her painting called Flight of the Bumble Bee.  The only thing missing was a bumblebee!  You have to see that horn in person to see how she let the watercolors merge and meld without much fixing.  Deb is doing some really clever work, composition-wise and knows her stuff.  She is getting into some major juried shows and winning some awards, and selling - can't beat that!

Now, mine did not win an award or sell.  When I saw it at home I was always pleased with it and thought I did a good job.  When I saw it hanging in the gallery, I felt it didn't have any pop - anything that made you stop and stand there and look at it.  

So...back to the drawing board.

What do the three winning paintings have in common?  They are closer to realism than impressionism.  They have lovely, clean colors that show off what watercolor can do.  And they all are verticals.  Hmmm...

Well done, Carolyn, Tom and Deb!  I can see why you got those ribbons!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Don't sell yourself short, Rhonda. Your piece is beautiful and I love it framed as you have it. Everyone has their own individual tastes and that includes the judges.

Sadami said...

Of course, Rhonda, you did a wonderful and great job! I love your work so much. xxx Sadami

E.M. Corsa said...

The winners are well-deserved and I too would have put a bumble bee in that painting! BUT always remember, it's the opinion of one or two judges. No matter how good they are, another judge might have seen things differently.

Möwe von der Insel said...

Looks like I missed one :)
I'm so sorry that you didn't win *hug*
And I must say, I like all three winning
pictures. The musical one is my personal
favourite :))
Next year you paint one of your favourite
ravens, give him an interesting and uncommon
background - maybe a newspaper or so :)

Have a beautiful day Rhonda!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, all. Sorry I was such a weenie about not winning! I do get down at times wondering what my work is for and who...and where I'm going when I lose my inspiration. Oh, well, I sat the show today from 10 am - noon and had 3 visitors (of course, 2 = my sister and brother-in-law who surprised me with a visit!). The visitor I didn't know asked which work was mine and I told her and she really liked it (she is learning oil painting and grows hydrangeas so she said she knows how hard it is to get that shadows and light on the petals). So I feel better today than I did Monday...I guess it's only human (unfortunately) to compare ourselves and wonder why we are lacking in anyone's eyes, even if I never heard of the judge and don't know what he was looking for. You just have to paint what you enjoy and what gives you pleasure and if someone else likes it, good for you.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I didn't even notice they were all vertical, judge bias to vertical work?? ;) all the winners are well deserved, really like the lighting on Carolyn Hibbard work :)

I like yours as well, not just saying that either, painting all those petals is hard work :)

RH Carpenter said...

Another thing, Jennifer = none of them were flowers (I do think there is a bias against flowers in watercolor by more "serious" artists). I'm getting over the sadness and disappointment but it does happen (I wouldn't be human if I didn't feel this way just a bit when I think I have something good and it doesn't get recognition). So...onward and upward or something like that!

Bruce Sherman said...

Good afternoon Rhonda... IT is indeed easy to se why the works deserved recognition... and ribbons.

"Realism" is limited to the genre alone. It might also apply to the level of excellence that you strive for ... and the competition that you entered. Your entry simply did not match the mandate of the judges and that is ALWAYS an unknown we face when choosing to enter juried competition.

It does not in any way demean your excellent floral offering. Nor should it discourage you from entering competitions again in the future.

I leave you with an interesting thought that I came across recently that I will use in an upcoming post:

"In our art we strive to be different and for excellence.
But the downside is to do so means that we are alone."

Such is our plight as creators. Stay ytour course... I see much growth in your experimenting!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

debwardart said...

Umm, Rhonda and E.M.Corsa - look again at my painting - there IS A BEE in it! Not sure if there was anything intentional about vertical paintings, probably just a coincidence. I was told that the juror said "wow, I wasn't expecting this" when he walked in - which makes me think we impressed him (or so I'd like to think! - that our work was better than he'd planned on). He also said he saw at least 15 "winners" there, but had to make fewer selections. Rhonda, your painting does have "pop" - it's beautiful! Don't worry too much about whether you win or not, just keep working and enjoying what you do.

RH Carpenter said...

Thank you so much, Bruce and Deb. I know it doesn't matter but I am human! ha ha

Deb, I had to stand in front of your painting for the 3rd time to see that, yes, there IS a BUMBLEBEE on the horn!! I guess I was looking for it coming out or going into the horn and didn't see it sitting there! Yes, the work was good, per the judges criteria, and I'm glad of that - not just your granny's watercolors, eh? ha ha

I'm about over not winning takes about a day or two and then I'm back doing something else. I am too in love with creating and painting and printmaking and just messing in paint and glue and bits of paper to stop just because I didn't get an award! ha ha Right now, I am revisiting some older works that didn't quite make it and starting over...

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Let me add my name to the list of those who think you should've won an award! Your painting is not only beautiful, but has more than enough "pop" for me. Maybe my memory is getting worse from all the salt water ingestion, but I don't remember it looking this wonderful in earlier posts. It's a superb painting and you should feel proud that it was selected for the show. We all know awards are subjective, but if I'd have been the judge...well, you know. :)
As I was telling Jennifer Rose Phillip, the swim training and jogging must be taking a toll on this old guy. Many evenings lately, dinner is followed by an unscheduled nap and a wake-up just in time to go to bed. Life should return to "normal" after the race on September 5th. After that, I plan to curtail the physical challenges and spend more time in the studio trying to become a painter. I'm looking forward to the slower pace of life.
So, congratulations on being in the show and have a relaxing Sunday.

RH Carpenter said...

Gary, you are such a dear friend and too kind! And here you seem like such a tough guy, but I know you're a marshmallow inside (but don't worry, I won't tell anyone! ha ha). I hope you are going to have such a wonderful rush after this race and your amazing accomplishment - while the rest of us sit on the sofa and watch t.v., you are out there pushing yourself and creating new goals all the time - you can paint later, when you can't run, walk, jog, swim, etc.!!

Caroline Simmill said...

Rhonda your painting is beautiful and the frame suits it so well too. Be proud and happy of your fine achievement. I am sure your painting will find a home in the future. For now put it up on your wall and smile at it each morning! Well done Rhonda! don't you worry about the prizes.