Friday, August 7, 2015


We had some stormy skies in July, then clear skies for a few weeks.  August has begun with some pretty impressive storms - even hail (almost golfball size but not quite).  After the storms, the clouds are gorgeous - colors of blue, grey, pink, yellow.

Here are just a few sky/cloud studies I've done just for practice.

It is not easy to stay loose and not overdo a cloudscape!!  Even though the sky looks this bold and colorful, it doesn't work when you paint it.  

Oh, well, onward and upward!!!

Today just HAS to be a better day than yesterday, right?  I sure hope so because yesterday sucked rotten eggs.


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Gorgeous cloudscapes, I hope the storms stay away for you. The size of the hail sounds ferocious! I love sitting in the conservatory listening to it come down on the roof but if it was that big I think I would stay well clear. It must cause some damage, if not to buildings/cars etc but definitely to gardens/crops. It must hurt a fair bit too if you are caught out in it. Ouch!

Sadami said...

The work is wonderful! I really enjoyed them all. Rhonda, oh, poor girl, but yesterday was gone. Let's enjoy our present and the future. Best wihses, Sadami

Möwe von der Insel said...

I love the first two very much! :)
I must learn how to do that too :))

Have a beautiful day Rhonda! :)

Alice Jo Webb said...

These are quite nice! All three.

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, Lisa, the hail that size is frightening and all you can do is look out and hope it doesn't dint the cars or break off branches in the trees - we escaped unscathed but it was a horrific wind at times!

Thanks so much, Sadami. It seems I have mostly good days but then a few bad ones rear their ugly heads!! I need to think of them as dragons and become my own dragon-slayer!! Know where I could get a good suit of armor cheap? ha ha

Danke, Mowe :) It just takes practice and you certainly have the photography skills to take lots of reference photos.

Thank you, Alice Jo!

Lorraine Brown said...

Great skies Rhonda, thanks for the reminder of what a never ending reference source they are. Now my painting commitments are met I think I might look upwards and capture a few on paper

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very dreamy studies :)
armor for your dragons, not cheap tho :p

CrimsonLeaves said...

Rhonda, that middle piece is so stunningly breathtaking! I love what you have done here. And I hear you on the sucking rotten eggs! LoL Great phraseology.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Lorraine, Jennifer Rose and Sherry :) This time of year has some lovely skies, Lorraine, and always changing!

Debbie Nolan said...

Rhonda great sky studies. So beautiful and like the idea of just focusing on one part of the landscape. I am just catching up on all your posts. Love the acrylic inking. Such a great idea. Your paintings without drawing are lovely. Your posts always inspire me.