Friday, July 31, 2015


Tinna asked about the Inking Palette overlays I did a while back...

Here is what the palette looks like - the photo shows the white paper torn from the plastic palette and the info about the inking palette.  They come in a pad with white tissue paper in between each plastic sheet.  Pull them apart, remove the tissue, and use the inking palette for acrylics.

When you paint using it as an inking palette, you get leftover acrylic paint that you can let dry on the plastic palette - and since it's see-through, you can glue it down over something else to get...something else! haha

This piece of the plastic inking palette (with a bit of dried acrylic on it) could be trimmed down and glued over the white paper in my watercolor journal - or over a "failed" painting on paper.  It could add interest into a painting that needs something else to make it more interesting.

What about this sheet over a very dark sea turtle (made with the Kathleen Conover gesso juice and Mary Beth Shaw stencil technique mentioned last post)??  Pretty dark...maybe need to brighten the turtle a bit more...

Anyway, this is just to show you how you can use these sheets - rather than throw them away with the garbage.

(Hope you see this, Tinna, and that it helps you understand the process a bit more.  I think the plastic inking sheet works best over something lighter in the background/underneath so a light painting or drawing would work best.)


Möwe von der Insel said...

Hi Rhonda, this is very interesting :)
Do you use it for making prints or is
it really for mixing colours?
Looks to me a bit like overhead foil :)
Maybe one can use that too?
I do like that you can use it to add
some fun to another picture without
ruining that one :))
Thank you for the information :))

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the turtle! :D really looks like he is under water :)

RH Carpenter said...

Mowe, it's just for putting out your acrylic paints and then spreading them or using it like a palette you throw away after use. I think you could use it for making prints, just put your colors out, use a brayer to move the colors around and mix a little, then put down your printmaking paper and see what you get!

Jennifer Rose, thanks :)