Saturday, December 28, 2013


In order to plan the program I'm giving for the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society on January 8, I have to also paint the painting like the DVD shows.  So here goes...

Each petal is wet and then color dropped in and allowed to merge and blend by tilting the paper.  This is just 1/4 sheet size (11" x 15") because that is the size I want the members to paint as they watch the DVD.

The colors used in the painting of the canna are:  New Gamboge, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramarine Blue, Azo Yellow (Birgit uses some different colors, but I used what I had that matched her colors).

The DVD I'm showing is:
Watercolor:  Within the Flower
by Birgit O'Connor.  

Somehow, I ended up with two of these DVDs so I'll be donating a copy to the GCWS after I show the DVD on our projector and have members try to paint this way.  I hope they enjoy it!  


laura said...

It's always fun to try a new way of painting, and that fun will be exponentially increased by doing it in a group.
Look forward to seeing how your demo turns out. (PS Is that how you paint your hydrangea close-ups?)

Katherine Harra said...

Rhonda, that's an interesting way to use DVDs for a program. Although I'd not want to be in your shoes and leading the demo, I might suggest something similar to the prez of our watercolor society. At the least, we could find opportunities to share our DVDs.

debwardart said...

Thanks for your great preparation work - this sounds like a fun meeting!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Love what you've achieved in your demo piece, Rhonda! I picture all kinds of paint tragedies were I to try to tilt paper with water and paint on it! LOL

RH Carpenter said...

Laura, yes, I do paint my hydrangeas wet-in-wet most of the time, then increasing the amount of pigment later to get stronger colors, but often still wetting and blending the colors.
Katherine, we purchased a DVD player/projector for the group and want to get use out of it. January is a good month for a member to do a program like that as it's often cancelled and we don't want someone travelling out of the city to worry about roads, etc.
Deb, wish I hadn't volunteered but since I did, I'll do what I can! Still praying for a cancellation! ha ha

Sherry, thanks. It's not hard to tilt and let the colors move - just watch and if a stream goes off, dab it up before it dries :)