Friday, May 31, 2013


I'm not a busy artist.  It just seems that things fall together the same few weeks every year! I don't know how artists who enter a lot of shows do it and keep it all straight.

This morning, I drove over to Mariemont to drop off 2 paintings for the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society show which begins with an artist reception/opening this Sunday, June 2nd from 1-4 pm.  The Barn is on Cambridge Avenue and is where the Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati meets.  Do stop by, if you can.

And I just finished my online entries for the Cincinnati Art Club Viewpoint show.  Juried entries, so one never knows but we were allowed to enter 4 with the possibility of 2 being accepted.  Juror who decides = John Ruthven (who paints wildlife like Audubon painted wildlife).  

After all that time spent on the large painting of crows and such, I decided it wasn't that strong a painting so didn't enter it.  Oh, well!  That just means you get to see it.  
(I thought it was too heavy in the middle and too light on the bottom so would rearrange the "round" things if I did this again).  
My intent = to use the crows as the "X's" and the rounder things (stone, full moon, egg, silver ball) as the "O's" in the game of tic tac toe.  It's a full sheet and I called it Tic Tac Crow.  

I won't show the others until I find out if they are or are not accepted.

So today, emails to get ready for next week's watercolor society meeting and visit from Carol Carter and then just relax, watch some tennis, and enjoy the day - windy and warm so far today.  Have a great weekend!


Gaylynn said...

Good luck in the Show! I will not make the reception because I will be working Summerfair. However, I will go to see the exhibit before it ends. :)

Mrs A said...

The crows are wonderful and I love the idea of the tic tac game! Good luck with them. Mrs An

CrimsonLeaves said...

I love your idea, Rhonda. And that shadow from the bottom right egg is awesome! Always love your crows too. said...

Good luck in the show. I do like the painting you posted. I can see what you mean about some areas being heavier than others but the idea is quite interesting. I think you should try it again. It's a cool concept.

laura said...

Yes, good luck ...
I love your crow paintings (the top left one here is esp. nice!) ... and have been trying to snap photos of the ones that come by here occasionally (easier said than done).

Studio at the Farm said...

I really like that idea of X's and O's with the crows!!!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Gaylynn! Hope you do see the show - it's pretty good!
Thanks, Mrs. A. I liked the idea, too, but think it just didn't quite make the cut this time.
Sherry, thanks, I liked the round things, too - less fiddling and just a pale wash and shadow shape.
Carol, thanks! I may try again and rearrange the Xs and Os :)
Laura, thanks. Sweetie took some photos in North Carolina last year and I have various black birds which I turn into crows when I paint them, using other photo references.
Thanks, Kathryn!

Debbie Nolan said...

Rhonda - what a clever thought about the x's and o's. I really like your crows my friend. Thanks for sharing even when you felt it didn't turn out the way you wanted.