Saturday, May 11, 2013


I'm sure you're all busy.  Aren't we all?  Getting ready for upcoming shows means either matting and framing your work yourself or sending it out to the framers to do it.  I took 2 pieces to Bowman's Framing yesterday to be done and ready for the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor member show coming up soon.  We drop off our paintings the last day of May and the show begins June 2nd at The Barn (the Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati in Mariemont) from 1 - 4.
And I have a deadline coming up soon and haven't even painted anything good enough to enter!  Yikes!  (The deadline for entry into the juried Viewpoint Show is June 1st and I got nothing but an idea.)

And then there are family birthdays (shopping and wrapping and ordering cake), and Mother's Day (I can't tell you what I bought for her since she now reads my blog every day! Sorry, Mom! ha ha) , 
and handymen coming to do some work around the outside of the house (Monday) 
and class day (Tuesday) which means a day of cleaning beforehand.  

But I still find time to watch the Madrid tennis matches on t.v. (what happened to Roger Federer??  and is this truly the end?), 
and finish reading a wonderful book by Rosamund Lupton called Afterwards - what a story!  I recommend it (and her previous book, titled Sister).  Strong strong women in her books and the inner workings of the mind which is fascinating, especially how she works it into a dreadful scene of heartache and loss and anger.  I pass on some of my books to my Mom, so she will be getting this one and some others I've recently read.

How do you spend your days?
Where do your hours go?
How much time do you get for yourself, alone, to read or write; to paint or draw; to plant a garden or take a walk in a park?
Don't forget to read something that stirs you; paint something that makes you happy; write in your journal; or draw something quickly while you talk on the phone.  Sit and watch the birds feeding and see if they have babies yet (are they late this year with babies?).  Water your garden vegetables or flowers and watch them grow.  

Most of all, take time for yourself.  And remember, we're all in this together.


Sadami said...

Dear Rhonda,
Thank u for sharing this post, spot on!
Kind regards, Sadami

Judith Farnworth Art said...

Lovely post Rhonda.... we all need to take time out and nurture ourselves... I am so lucky that I can manage it often, having been retired for a whole year now!! My hubby helps me to paint and run my workshops by taking on a lot of the other chores leaving me free to concentrate on the precious things!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Such a wonderful post, Rhonda. And yes we are all in this together. Glad you are enjoying watching the tennis matches. Something just simply for you!

Helen K. Beacham Fine Art said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rhonda! I need to be painting too but real life wins out most of the time. I have a 17 day outdoor show that starts in 11 days. My poor husband will be framing late the night before!

RH Carpenter said...

It's good to remember we all get busy - but also remember it will slow down and sometimes busy can be fun!

Helen, it's great to have support with a husband that frames your work! ha ha Sounds like that show is going to be great - another reason to visit South Carolina (as if I need a reason - I fell in love with Charleston and the outer islands the first time I visited and want to return).