Thursday, May 9, 2013


Sweetie and I drove up through the rain to the Bethesda North Hospital last Tuesday evening.  They were having the artist reception for the works put in last September.
For some reason, we were left off the mailing list and I have to keep asking a friend (thanks, Jean!) to tell me what's going on and when.  I read my entry form (the copy I kept) to find out how long the pieces are left there and when they are picked up.  Seems like they are picked up the same time new work is dropped off - so I guess that will be September of this year.  

It was an interesting night.  The paintings are all over the place on the first and second floors; our guide had a list of where our paintings/photos were so she took us around to see them hanging.  Then we were allowed to walk around, looking for the other works.  No map or anything, we just all walked around.  The weather (it was pouring down just before we arrived) may have kept some people away but I did see a few people I know and met a pastel artist I admire.  

Good food and drink and great desserts (but I was good and only had one - Sweetie had two).  

The opening lasted from 6 - 8 and it took almost the whole time to walk around, find all the work and then spend some time snacking and chatting with other artists.  It was a fun night but I was disappointed that you can't tell others to go see the artwork because some are in consulting rooms, some in dressing rooms, some in out-of-the-way places you would not be allowed to enter unless you were being treated  there at the time.  So not an art showing of your work you can invite family and friends to - unless they come with you to the reception.

The top painting was inside a radiology consulting room on the second floor.

The left one was in a hallway on the 2nd floor (both my pieces were on the 2nd floor where the mammograms and sonograms are given).

Jerry's photos were on the 1st floor, one in the lab waiting room and one in a dressing room.  He had the sunlit lotus and the great white egret, both of which were some of the best photographs in the show.

 I guess it's about being seen by those who are going there for services.  Not for telling your friends and family to go there and see the work.  I was glad to find out where our pieces were hung.  And I was happy that a friend, Susan Grogan, won a purchase award :)  And what else are you going to do with paintings hanging on your walls for no one to see but you?  

Do you look at the artwork on the walls when you visit a hospital setting?  Is any of it original work - or are they just the usual large prints?  


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - your paintings look beautiful. Our hospitals too in the area take art. I think this is lovely to display in such a place. I know when I was in the hospital waiting tests I enjoyed seeing the creativity and helps take one's mind off of one's self. Have a great day.

Irina Rekhviashvili said...

I hate hospitals and I always pay attention to the paintings on the walls, they calm me down and distract and please. Sometimes I learn from them, sometimes I silently correct artist's mistakes in mind (funny!).
Your paintings are great and I am sure they relax ladies going for mammo.
They told me Shishkin's art is always on walls in psycho clinics here, for his optimism and sunny mood. He is here:

Mrs A said...

I always look at the art work and would have enjoyed seeing your work and your husbands...ail the different works would have cheered anyone up while waiting...or walking around the hospital. For patients and visitors alike! Mrs A

Lorraine Brown said...

Beautiful art for patients to take their mind off their visit. With all the work we produce I think you are right as hanging them anywhere other than leaving them home has to be worthwhile

CrimsonLeaves said...

I do look at the art on the walls when I go places. Nice to see where your hydrangea blossom is hung. It looks just gorgeous in its frame, Rhonda!

Celia Blanco said...

Your artwork looks beautiful, Rhonda! An excellent idea to have paintings in hospitals to help people have something positive to look at or think about while there. I always look at the artwork, wherever I am, it is the first thing I notice!

Helen K. Beacham Fine Art said...

You're right that, often, they are prints. But whenever I see originals in doctors' offices, I make a point of saying something about that to the manager or doctor! I love walking down their hallways as if walking through a gallery...absorbing and feeding my soul before dealing with what's on the other side of the door I must go through.

Sadami said...

Hi, Rhonda,
As far as I know, paintings hung on hospital walls are both original and printed. Some exhibitions run by hospital are to aquire work. I volunrarily offered my flowers to hospital. They hang it at a reception.
Kind regards, Sadami

AK said...

Lovely work. Would brighten up any hospital and any patient's day.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Debbie, Irina, Mrs. A, Lorraine and Sherry, for your comments on these and on putting work in hospitals. I think it is a good thing - perhaps even a donation at some time (of a big painting) is in order. I may check with my local hospital group and see if they take donations of artwork.

Thanks, Celia, Helen, Sadami and Asit for your comments :)

Kevin Neal said...

Wish I had more time, but I always try to stop by your blog Rhonda. Great work! I always look at the art where ever it is, but I do find myself looking at the art at hospitals in particular when ever I'm there. The hospital in Bellvue Washington had some fantastic work when I was visiting my dad there. I took time out to go around and view it too. So you might be surprised how many views you end up getting.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Kevin :) I am glad that others do stop to view the artwork and enjoy it - perhaps it may lift the spirit of just one or two people and that's enough. Your portrait is coming along so well - slow and steady wins the race!